Week in review Nov 22 edition

Not nearly as exciting as the last update, but some small progress was made.

  • Re-arranged the driver code so that more work happens in driver.  This should result in a lot less thunking from user space to kernel space, and honestly, it's just the right way to do it.

  • Roughed in some switch matrix handling code.  Doing this is what precipitated the driver rework.  Should be able to have a working switch matrix "simultation" early this week.

  • Made a trusty checklist of what needs to happen for "in machine" testing of switches.  If all goes well, I could get to that this week (short week of work means more time to hack pinball!)

  • Did a little research on my display frame rate issues.  Might be able to make some changes to thread priorities, but the rate I'm getting is actually just fine.  In fact I have plenty of leeway while still being functional, which is good as there are a lot of mechanics still to code.

  • Set a simple roadmap to a minimal useable table.  I think I should be able to reach that goal by the end of December.  The roadmap, in short is: read switches, fire solenoids, code in simple game engine to hook switches to solenoids.

Trying not to think too far ahead though.  Need to read the switches first.