Dot Matrix Display Working

Great progress this week.  I got my checklist of items completed and was able to hook the sbc2440 board to the dot matrix display in the Goldeneye machine.  Success!


I want to write up some full details on this, but here is the quick version.

The new driver for bit banging the GPIO pins on the sbc2440 didn't work the first time.  I had to dig a bit more into the driver code where I discovered actual documentation.  Yes, I RTFM'd.  And it helped.  I had essentially configured the pins randomly.  Once set properly to be output pins things worked much better.

The simulator I wrote for the DMD appears to be pretty darn accurate.  Once I got the bit banging working and the cables hooked up properly, the driver worked without any modification.  There are a handfull of issues that need to be worked out.  I'm not happy with the refresh rate I'm getting.  I'm also getting a touch of flicker (barely, you really have to stare at it to notice).  It works well enough for now.

Needless to say I'm very excited about this progress.

The functioning display will make debugging the rest of the HW setup much easier.  Next up will be getting the switch matrix functioning with the matrix states showing on the display (much like every standard pinball diagnostics works.)

More photos and a details on code and stuff coming soon.