Week in review Oct 30

Not a good week in pinball land.

Step mother visiting == house cleaning instead of hacking.

Not complaining though.  I found a lot of things I otherwise would have kept scratching my head and wondering just what the heck I did with.

I did two things of note:

  • I started some sketchbook work on a playfield toy that I want in the finished game.  While some might say it is a bit premature to be working that far ahead, I say it speaks to my confidence that I'll get it working.  The goal will be to replace the Satellite playfield toy with something more in line with the new theme: a volcano.

  • I made a very detailed list of the steps that will lead up to some in machine testing.  It is not a long list.  In fact, the list points out very clearly that the only thing that will keep me from in machine testing in the next couple of weeks will be my fear of in machine testing.

Unfortunately this weekend is lost and next weekend I will be out of town.  I am still committed to making progress every week.  It may just not be a lot.