The Week in Review Oct 16 (er 19) 2009

Once again, a small list of small accomplishments from last week.  Keeping the project crawling along:

  • Finalized timer system and gave it a good testing.  Should create a unit test for it just to make sure all corners are covered.

  • Reworked some of the simulated DMD code.  I had frame rate calculations happening in the simulator code side which didn't make much sense.  Started moving the frame rate calculations to the driver so that it will work for both simulator and hardware.

  • In a flashback homage to my late 1970's basic programming days, I hand coded a 5 x 7 dot matrix font for use on the DMD.  Of course this time it is done in C.

  • Worked up a good prototype for the switch matrix driver.  Next step is to create some kind of simulator input for the switches.  As with all of my code, I may end up discarding this and rewriting it a few times.

  • Started spec'ing out how to program the various modes for the game.  The current debate is whether to code directly in C, or to define a language for coding the game play.  As one does not preclude the other, I will probably be coding a few modes directly in C for early testing while the debate rages on.  I'll write this up in detail at some point as it is exceedingly important.

  • Started the process of wiring up some test circuits and getting the 2440 hooked up to the protoboard.  Came to the realization that I really should fabricate a nice project box for this instead of housing the key components in an old cardboard box.  I envision a trip to TAP plastics in my future.  I hear the place is fantastic.