The week in review Oct 9 2009

I'm trying hard to do at least a little bit of work on this project every day.  Most of the progress is pretty mundane.  Some simple coding, some schematic wrangling, some data sheet spelunking.   The simple truth is that not everything going on is very exciting, so I don't feel compelled to post about it.

It did however dawn on me while reading one of the many project blogs I follow that these little advances made every day are what keep the project alive.  If you skip too many days, you have to go back and remind/retrain/relearn things that should be second nature if you keep at it on a regular basis.

To that end here is a dump of the little things that kept me engaged this week:

  • Wrote the basics of the swtich matrix code.  Still a lot of work to do including getting some kind of simulator switch matrix working.

  • Wrote, re-wrote, then threw out and wrote again the basics of the timer system.  I'm still not quite happy with it.

  • Bought the correct 2mm pitch cables from ebay to wire the GPIO port to the protoboard  (very, very exciting)

  • Identified the locations in the kernel drivers that need to be modified to use the available GPIO pins.  Came to a fairly good understanding of how the GPIO pin settings work.

  • Spent a few hours understanding exactly what the Stern/Data East switch matrix hardware is doing.  Made of list of components to order (probably from Digikey) to wire up a test circuit of my own.

Hopefully these will turn into some full and more interesting posts in the near future.