Pinball code running on the SBC

Before I got too much further along writing code against my simulation enviroment (ok, right now it only simulates the DMD), I thought it would be a good idea to take the time to make sure the build environment actually built cross platform.

This is always a good exercise and avoids things like assuming certain libraries will be present on the target board and later finding out they have yet to be ported.  Fortunately I don't seem to be running into any such problems.  The other benefit was that I was already hacking exceptions for the simulator which had to be unwound and written properly to run on the arm board.

I also took the time to hook up an extra hub so that the board was visible to the network.  This only took some minor tweaking of the board's net configuration (it was set up for a different subnet than I'm using at home), but I can now either use ftp to transfer code to the board or mount the dev build directory via NFS on the board.  This saves a lot of time screwing with binary sending of files via minicom.

All excellent progress toward a reasonably professional setup for cross platform developing.  And the pinball code actually runs on the board!

Next up will be to dive in and write a proper driver for the GPIO as it will be used for the pinball machine.