Slow and steady progress

Lest everyone wonder if I completed faded away, I thought I should drop a post in here.

I have been working on getting my SBC2440 working in a good clean development setup.  Over the last few weeks I found the time to find all of the cables (the new laptop doesn't have a serial port, go figure) I needed to get a good workspace set up.  Once everything was in place I was able to get the linux kernel configured so that I can reflash the board to a working state when I inevitably blotch something.   I'm happy to report that everything is working properly and I can rebuild the kernel and rootfs from source and reflash the board to a working state when needed.  Another point of drudgery behind me.

Next up will be working on drivers to control the GPIO pins on the board.  This should be pretty straightforward as the board (not to mention that interweb thing) come with lots of examples.   I still need to find the exact precise cables to get from the GPIO pinouts on the sbc to my protoboard.  I am precisely horrible at sourcing the correct cables and connectors, but a few more trips to HSC electronic supply should do the trick.  Maybe I should actually bring the board with me next time. (insert eye roll graphic here)