New stuff. More than I expected.

I'm very pleased to announce that I am the proud owner of an SCB2440-IV.  In fact, I've been the proud owner of it for well over a month.  So where is all the cool progress?

From the nothing is easy dept

I thought that I'd be able to just fire up my old HP laptop, hook everything up and get cranking.  And indeed, that is exactly what I was doing.  It was fantastic.  I can't tell you how happy I was to be able to fire up the GCC cross compiler and simply ftp code over to the board and run it.  Then the laptop just consumed itself.  Minor setback.

As fate would have it, tax season was good to me.  I'm now extremely pleased to have not only a cool new SBC to play with, but I have a new flashy fast, memory packed laptop from with to play.

The new computer has been here a few days now and I'm still getting the dev environment up and running.   I have already reconfigured and rebuilt the linux kernel for the 2440 and I'm well on the way to getting all those GPIO ports working just the way I need them to.  It's going to be fantastic fun deep kernel hacking goodness.