Pinning Hopes on 2009

Well I didn't get nearly the progress I would have like to in 2008.  I'm not disappointed, that's just what the past year had in me for pinball.  I'm actually (believe it or not) working on the machine again and new ideas are kicking around my brain, so there is hope for 2009 for XTCPinball.

I keep regular tabs on Coconut Island's progress.  It sure looks like they will have their machine rocking in 2009!

Also, Snow Mountain Pinball looks like they will be rolling out a rather impressive Creepy Crypt machine in 2009.  The website says Halloween 2009.

Snow Mountain is doing extremely cool things.  Read the news page.  This is definitely not your grandad's pinball.  If we all follow along, maybe we can get them to post more about their progress.

For me?  Well I'm dedicated to writing more in 2009, so I'll have to have some progress to write about.  I feel good about my chances.

Happy Pinning in 2009!