Remember when I said this could be dangerous?

While waiting for my USB scope to arrive I thought I'd poke around the board a bit more with my woefully inadequate tool: the multimeter. Things didn't go so well.

Read on.

<!--more--> I thought perhaps something was going on with the plasma controller or the sound section which, while in theory should be off, might fall into the category of "Scott missed something."

Well, I must have shorted something when looking to see what was happening on the sound outputs because, well, it actually caught on fire. Actual flames. I stared at it for a moment, then realized I'd best turn it off. The fire snuffed itself out quickly, but goodness does it smell bad.

What seemed horrible at first turns out to be just a fried chip in the amp section. Possibly a few fried 1K resistors and a couple of diodes. Not a show stopper.

thumb_cpu_burn.JPG thumb_cpu_burn_closeup.JPG

I needed to make a Jameco or Digikey order anyway, so I'll just throw a few more component in the bag.

It was a bit disheartening. The scope arrived the very next day. Now I'm left wondering if I should just remove the fried components and proceed (I don't need the sound section working), or if by removing the bad components I render the board unsafe to operate.

Time to stare at the schematics for awhile and make a decision. Meanwhile, order going in for replacements. Might as well keep the CPU board properly functioning.