Bad Blogger. No Cookie.

Best of intentions clearly haven't helped.

Here is the 10,000 ft view of what's been going on...

  1. Lots of research on electronics.

  2. Lots of studying on Propeller chip assembly.

  3. Hernia. (ouch)

  4. Hernia Operation. (ouch ouch)

  5. General malaise during recovery.

  6. Kick in the pants to lazy couch dweller. (ouch)

  7. Rewrite of the dedicated switch code in new asm model. (Works!)

  8. Rewiring of the proto board to fix grounding issues. (Video Works!)

  9. Introduction of switch matrix code which is now being debugged. (Doesn't quite work)

I'll quickly cover #2, then get writing on progress starting from #7.