More Custom Pinball Projects

Jeff from SnowMountainPinball sent an email pointing out a bunch of other custom pinball links. Be sure to check out their News page to keep up with the great work they are doing!

And, good grief. People actually read this?!? No flaking for me I guess.

Click below for the list of links...

My Comments in Yellow

EDS/Ross Perot (Mostly exterior art work)

Wade Krause (Mostly exterior art work)


Ed reverse engineers the WPC board set

[Heavy nerdy goodness in this one. A lot of what is going on with the WPC boards is applicable to your understanding of the Sega boards.]


Coconut Island (plywood in a custom cabinet)

[We've mentioned these guys before...they are still making good progress!]


Porsche custom pinball


Real-Time Java Pinball Player Project (Brooklyn College of NY)


Comet Commander

The Pinball Machine Project at University of Maryland


AC/DC Pinball


São Paulo student makes his own playfield in unusual ways.


Critical Mass. (uses an ugly combination of 20 year old boards and big industrial controllers)


South Park (a year before Sega released one).


Pinball machine from scratch, seemed to stall out a bit in 2003.


Pinball machine from scratch, 3/4 scale (for kids) 100% completed. IPDB: 5186


Lego based pinball machine.


A Slovenian art project, custom pinball.

[Dead sexy artwork on this - wow]

Gothic (a PC powered) customized machine.

These guys make about six custom machines a year for mostly corporate clients. They mostly convert the art on used machines.


Another university project


Futurama art work over




Sweden Swann Pinball Project (intending on building several machines)

Thanks Jeff!