Resources and a bit of History

I'm going to start collecting up files and links that I reference in posts and putting them on the Resources page. I've added the Goldeneye Manual and copies of the Stern pinball schematics for the CPU and the I/O boards.

For those who aren't aware, there were once over 100 pinball game manufacturers and they were slowly consolidated to just a few, with Williams and Sega being the big two survivors. Gary Stern launched Data East Pinball in 1986, which was later snapped up by Sega in 1994. Stern bought the company back in 1999 and renamed it Stern Pinball. He is now the lone surviving major pinball machine manufacturer (although there are some recent upstarts who may yet prove themselves.)

Business Week ran a great article about Stern in March of 2005.

The Point? Pinball electronics and hardware didn't much change over the years. The boards running the early Data East games lived on through the Sega years and into the Stern years largely unchanged (with some notable exceptions.) This means that instead of straining to read the schematics posted in the back of our Goldeneye Manual (or worse, the scanned copy) we can make use of the very nice quality pdf copies posted on the Stern support site.

So thanks go to Gary Stern for nice schematics and for keeping pinball alive.