The Plan

Time to sketch out a plan of action because, darn it, this project clearly needs a little action....

For this conversion, we will be focusing on a full re-theming of the machine. The basic playfield layout will remain the same with only some minor changes to a couple of the playfield toys. Almost every other aspect will be changed in some way. Read on for the full gritty details of The Plan.

I happen to enjoy the flow of this machine (which is why I picked it), but I want to remove all traces of 007. To that end we will be

  • completely replacing all artwork including back glass art, cabinet art, playfield art and playfield plastics

  • providing complete new programming, including Dot Matrix animations and game rules (Yikes!)

  • creating some new electronics and mechanics to replace the Satellite playfield toy with something more suitable to the new theme.

  • creating new playfield plastics and shells for the playfield Toy designed to fit the new theme

  • providing all new game sounds including background music and sound effects

A rather important decision I've made is that I have absolutely no intention of reprogramming this thing based on an ancient 16bit processor and related technology. I will not be hacking 68B09E asm code. I will not be reverse engineering sound and graphics formats and packing the entire works onto two tiny eproms. If I wanted to do that I'd hop on the pinmame in a box bandwagon.

Instead we will be creatively leveraging the existing electronics while replacing the brain. We will start by using some off the shelf electronics to hijack the existing I/O electronics and eventually end up creating our own custom control boards. Hey, nobody said this was going to be some quick little weekend hack did they?

I have no intention of doing all of this single handed. I know plenty of talented folks who own PCs and MACs and are rather savvy with Photoshop and creating wav and mp3 files. I fully intend to build the core of the system so that I can leverage this. Along the way, some custom tools will be created. My GPL loving, open source addled brain would like me to release all of the tools and software under GPL. I'll say that is my plan, but I'm going to reserve the right to change my mind.

Finally, it is imperative that everything done to create the final machine be reproducible. This means that I'll be creating molds and creating parts instead of using one-offs. I will be using stock parts where possible, and using standard design formats to create new ones when needed. If I'm going to build one of these, I damn well want to be able to build a second copy. Of course, one of the parts for this model will be an original Goldeneye.

This is not a project for the impatient. Slowsky's may pull up a chair grab a tasty beverage and enjoy.

Oh, and by the way... I do know the theme, I'm just saving it for a big reveal when its actually needed. Yep, I can be that way.