Time to get started

Ah, vacation time. What better time to get started on our little pinball project.

I've been walking by the soon-to-be-converted pinball machine for several months now thinking, "Hey I should get started on that." No excuses other than just being a lazy git, so I'm kicking myself in the rear and getting the ball rolling.

First order of business: The Machine

Many years ago now, we dropped in on the Super Auctions stop in San Jose and carted home a lovely Goldeneye Pinball. I was specifically looking for a pinball machine to take apart and tinker with and this machine fits the bill perfectly. It has a great flow to the playfield, some fantastic playfield toys and what just might be the best ball save ever. To top it all off it has a theme that is, well, forgettable. Unless you are a huge 007 fan or have a mad crush on Pierce Brosnan, I don't think you'll be losing sleep over me hacking up this pin.

Bizarre to me is the current going rate for this pin on ebay. Three auctions running at time of this post with $2000+ price tags. I guess there is no explaining some things. Trust me, I didn't spend anywhere near that on the box we have.

So grab the manual (8MB PDF), complete with Data East schematics and study up...we'll be digging in soon.