Welcome to XTCPinball

XTCPinball is a Blog about Pinball.

Specifically, it is about tinkering with pinball machines. Lifting up the playfield, cracking open the backbox and poking fingers at the wiry innards. Learning what makes the machine tick, and how to make it tick different.

Follow along as I take a perfectly functioning, well designed Pinball machine from the mid 1990's and attempt to transform it. That's right: solid state electronics, computers, dot matrix displays. I appreciate those who are wizards with electromagnetic machines, but that just doesn't blow my ears back.

I'm a software guy with just enough hardware background to think I know what I'm doing. I have lots of power tools and I love using them. Along the way I'll be pulling in hardware experts, artists, fabricators, painters, people with opinions, you name it. Whatever it takes to get the result I want. I'm sure I'll be doing things that will make an electrical engineer cringe. But hey that's half the fun.

Bottom line, that's what this is all about. Having fun.

I hope you enjoy reading along.